I watched Twin Peaks when it first aired in 1990-1991, and have seen some of the episodes several times since. In each review, I’ll avoid spoiling plot points of future episodes, but I will assume you’ve watched the show up to the episode being discussed. If you’re watching the show for the first time, I can’t guarantee that the comments will be spoiler-free, so tread carefully. My reviews are on the informal side, and they vary in length (ranging from 215 to 2480 words).
I’ll be using the original, purely functional episode titles, instead of the clumsy-English ones German broadcasters came up with (and which some of you may be familiar with; “Variations on Relations”, anyone?). Every episode is assigned a grade.


episode8episode9episode 10episode 11episode 12episode 13episode 14episode 15episode 16Roger mountie



2 comments on “The Episodes

  1. After watching “the return”, I feel like I just spent 16 hours on LSD. What a waste of good TV time! Some might think David Lynch is a genius, I think he is a nut!

    1. I can understand why you and others are disappointed, though I wasn’t. It was very different from the original show, but I loved it on its own terms.

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