Norma’s sister Annie arrives in town, and Cooper is immediately enchanted by her. Earle is angered by Cooper’s latest chess move. The Hornes put on a fashion show to promote their “Stop Ghostwood” movement. It becomes chaotic when a pine weasel gets loose. The Log Lady reveals to Cooper that she, like the Major, got a strange mark on her skin after a lost time incident. Audrey goes on a picnic with Billy Zane. Donna witnesses Ben visiting her mom and holding her hand. Truman gets drunk over grief at Josie’s death. Eckhardt’s assistant visits Catherine, and gives her a box from him. She also gets into bed with a sleeping Truman.


For most of its duration, this is a thoroughly average episode – competently made and inoffensive. As a result I don’t have much to say about it.


There are small highlights. It was intriguing to see Ben visit Eileen Hayward (Donna’s mom). Cooper is cute when he’s smitten. Ben and Catherine share a scene that reminded me how fun they are together. There’s a Lynchian moment with a girl screaming into a microphone. The pine weasel is cute.


However, one scene brings the whole thing down a notch. The fashion show and ensuing chaos are meant to be funny, and they fail so completely that it’s a bit hard to watch. Cartoonish humour doesn’t belong on this show.

Stray observations:

  • Billy Zane mumbles his lines.




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