Here is a detailed rundown of everything you will find on the blu-ray set, as well as my opinions on the content. This show contains narrative elements which can be spoiled. The supplemental material assumes you’ve seen the show, so you should only watch it if you’ve seen all the episodes.
The special features in this blu-ray set are very comprehensive. After you’ve watched them all, you’re not likely to be craving more extra-textual information. Notably absent from the interviews are Michael Ontkean, Lara Flynn Boyle, Frank Silva, Eric DaRe, Jack Nance, Harry Goaz, and Heather Graham.




Pilot, episodes 1 and 2


Pilot Episode: International Version

The first disc includes the “international version” of the pilot. When the pilot was shot, Lynch was required to film scenes which, if added to the pilot, would create a self-contained movie. The added material is sometimes laughable (“Mrs Palmer just remembered that she saw the killer this morning!”) and fails utterly at providing seamless closure to what is undeniably the first episode of a tv show. Still, this artifact does have value, because it provided footage Lynch would recycle for one of the show’s highlights – Cooper’s dream in the third episode (named Episode Two because they started counting after the pilot) of the first season. If you’re watching the show for the first time, save this for once you’re done with the regular episodes. Or at least til after the first season. (113 minutes)


Recaps, Previews, and Log Lady Intros

There is an option to watch each episode with a recap of the previous episode, a preview of the next one, and Log Lady intros.


Easter Eggs

If you move to the right when you’re on the ‘play all’ option, a little square appears. There are eight more if you keep moving around. If you click on the squares, you get to see outtakes from interviews. We’re not talking juicy bits left out of the documentaries. We’re talking the camera man focusing his lens, or an interview subject getting up to go check his laundry. In other words, worthless. (9 minutes)




Episodes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Season 1 Image Gallery

Cool images and production stills, under the headings “Picnic” and “Ski trip”.


Twin Peaks Sneak Peeks

A preview for each episode on this disc.



Two fun promos titled “See Twin Peaks From The Beginning” and “Where Am I”. (3 minutes)


Recaps, Previews, and Log Lady Intros




Episodes 8, 9, 10


A Slice of Lynch: Uncut

David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick, and John Wentworth (post-production supervisor) hang out in a restaurant in 2006 to talk about the show. Charming and entertaining. Note that this is almost twice as long as the version found in the Gold Box set. (56 minutes)



“There’s No Place Like Home”, “T-Shirt Ad”, “Holiday Greeting”, “Patriot Greeting”, and “Big Game Promo (multiple takes)”. These are really entertaining. (5 minutes)


Season 2 Image Gallery

“Season 2 Images” and “Albert’s Slides”.


Recaps, Previews, and Log Lady Intros




Episodes 11, 12, 13, 14


Series Deleted Scenes

As is usually the case, the deleted scenes were cut for a reason. These twelve range from mildly interesting (“Something About Johnny”) to boring (“Lucy and Deputy Andy”) to embarrassing (Russ Tamblyn hamming it up mercilessly in “27 Going on 6”). (8 minutes)



Just a few cute outtakes. (2 minutes)


Recaps, Previews, and Log Lady Intros




Episodes 15, 16, 17, 18


Return to Twin Peaks

Documentary of the annual Twin Peaks fan festival. (20 minutes)


Location Guide

A cool guide to some of the show’s locations, with addresses. Also featuring a map of the fictional town. (8 minutes)


17 Pieces of Pie: Shooting at the Mar T (aka RR) Diner

An interview with the woman who owned the diner that stood in for the RR. She’s a delight. (10 minutes)


Mark Frost Interview with Wrapped in Plastic

Interesting interview, though it strangely doesn’t address the second season at all. The interviewers are adorably nerdy. (15 minutes)


Learning to Speak in the Red Room

Michael J. Anderson attempts to teach the viewer to speak backwards, though there isn’t much to learn. (4 minutes)


An Introduction to David Lynch

Cast, crew, and a film professor dicuss Lynch. A good watch. (22 minutes)


Lucy Bumpers

Kimmy Robertson saying stuff like “I’m getting the sheriff. Twin Peaks will be right back!” (2 minutes)


1-900 Hotline

From the “Wow, they really milked this, didn’t they?” category. Messages from some of the show’s characters you could hear by calling a 1-900 number. (23 minutes)


Production Documents

An inside look, some shooting schedules with hand-written notes.


Image Galleries

Some pretty cool photos taken on set by Richard Beymer, as well as publicity stills and every Twin Peaks trading card (I love that the Palmer ceiling fan gets its own card).


Recaps, Previews, and Log Lady Intros




Episodes 19, 20, 21, 22


Postcards From the Cast

Short interview segments with 20 cast members, several of which have nothing to do with the show, including the two best ones, by Richard Beymer and Al Strobel. Don Davis comes across as a delightful person. (60 minutes)



Two tv ads regarding the show moving from Thursdays to Saturdays. (1 minute)


Recaps, Previews, and Log Lady Intros




Episodes 23, 24, 25, 26


Cast Interviews

Interviews with 13 cast members, including Sherilyn Fenn and David Duchovny. They discuss how they were cast, their experience of doing the show, and its legacy. (46 minutes)


Crew Interviews

Interviews with David Lynch’s daughter Jennifer, who wrote the book The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, and with five episode directors. (23 minutes)


Recaps, Previews, and Log Lady Intros




Episodes 27, 28, 29


Secrets from Another Place: Creating Twin Peaks

The set’s longest documentary. Of particular interest is the section on season two. It’s refreshing to hear from cast and crew that they, like many fans, felt the show lost its way for the middle of that season. (106 minutes)


Lucy’s Special Announcement

This doesn’t show up in the “Special Features” section. The option comes up when you choose episode 27 to see the end credits with Lucy announcing the date of the “season finale”. (1 minute)


Recaps, Previews, and Log Lady Intros




Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


The Missing Pieces: Deleted/Extended Scenes

Some fans lamented the absence of several cast members from the movie. If anything, these deleted scenes prove that Lynch was right to focus on Laura. Some of the scenes in the movie already feel like obligatory cameos, and these would have felt that way too. There is also one horribly written scene where Cooper speaks with Diane in person. There are some treats here, though, such as an extension of David Bowie’s scene; a scene shared by Agent Cooper and Sam Stanley (which would’ve made the film’s first act feel less disjointed from the rest); a touching scene between Laura and Donna; something I like to call “Ceiling Fan Origin Story”; and a suspenseful scene where Laura hides in some bushes. Most tantalizing, though, are the few scenes taking place after the series ends. They don’t reveal much, but they are still thrilling to watch. (92 minutes)


Archival Interviews

Snippets from promotional interviews (for the movie) with Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee, Moira Kelly, and Mädchen Amick, all wearing 1992-appropriate fashions. (6 minutes)




Between Two Worlds

-Palmer Family Interview

David Lynch converses with Ray Wise, Grace Zabriskie, and Sheryl Lee as though they were the Palmers. I expected to cringe, but it turned out to be intense and well written. It was almost certainly scripted, I would guess by Lynch.

-Actors Discussion

Then Lynch and the three actors have an enjoyable conversation.
 (38 minutes)


Moving Through Time: Fire Walk With Me Memories

Fire Walk With Me cast and crew interviews, including some interesting tidbits. (30 minutes)


Reflections on the Phenomenon of Twin Peaks

Amateurish documentary pieced together from interviews with some cast and crew members in 2000 (seemingly taken from the far superior disc five documentary ‘An Introduction to David Lynch’). This was horribly – and pretentiously – edited, as though the pieces were cut at random and tossed in the air before being put back together. Some interview audio nonsensically plays over fast-forwarded video of other interviews. (31 minutes)



US Theatrical Trailer (2 minutes)

International Theatrical Trailer (2 minutes)

“The Missing Pieces Teaser” (2 minutes)


Fire Walk With Me Photo Gallery



Visuals and audio from each disc’s menu screen: trees/woods, pie, signs/places, coffee, notes, water, donuts, owls, the ring, the red room. (13 minutes)



Credits for the production of the box set.


Easter Eggs

There are two clickable squares if you move to the right when you’re on ‘Moving Through Time’ in the menu. The first square leads to a long story that amuses the teller (producer Deepak Nayar) more than it did me. The second square leads to a discussion of a fight scene that was cut from the movie. (10 minutes)


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